Beginner Ski & Snowboard Lessons        
The Fun Starts Here!
ages 11+
Mt. Rose is Reno/Tahoe’s favorite place to learn how to ski or snowboard. Our skilled instructors will help you gain confidence gliding, stopping, and turning on our wide open and gentle slopes with plenty of room to roam. First Timers have access to three dedicated beginner lifts and are provided with beginner specific rental equipment and a 2 hour group lesson.


First Timer (ages 11+)                        $97 at the resort/$92 advanced online purchase
                                                                        (Select specific date for online purchase)
First Time SKI
SAVE $5 ONLINE  Must book online by 10pm the night prior to redemption.
First Timer Packages include:
  • Lift Ticket (Flying Jenny, Ponderosa & Galena lifts)
  • Rental Equipment* (ski or snowboard) good for the entire day!
  • 2 hour Group Lesson (midweek non-holiday periods) OR Learn-at-your-own-pace lessons (weekends and holiday periods)

* Ski equipment includes skis, boots & poles. Snowboard equipment includes a snowboard and boots. All renters must be 18 or older to sign a liability release form. Visa, Mastercard or American Express required for deposit.

Lesson Times:

Weekends & Holidays  - Learn At Your Own Pace*  Lessons are offered continuously all day beginning at 9am
Weekday (non holiday): 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm
*Learn-at-your-own-pace First Timer lessons (offered on weekends and holiday periods) focus on students migrating from one learning station to another allowing the guests to progress at their own individual pace. Lessons are offered throughout the day. There are Five Station in all; Orientation, Slide and Glide, Wedge and Stop, riding the Flying Jenny conveyor lift, and experiencing the Ponderosa Beginner chair. This method allows for those individuals who master certain skills at an advanced pace to move quickly through the stations, but also allows unlimited practice time for those having challenges in a given area. Students can even take a break and come back and re-join a station at any time. If you are learning to ski and ride with friends or family, you can make the choice of whether to progress together as a group or at your own pace individually.

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 Next Step (ages 11+)                      $107 at the resort/$102 advanced online purchase
                                                                        (Select specific date for online purchase)
Next Step SKI
SAVE $5 ONLINE    Must book online by 10pm the night prior to redemption.

This isn't your first rodeo, but maybe it's been a while since you were last on snow or you've just completed the First Timer Package and are ready for the Next Step. This lesson will refresh you on the basic skills of skiing and snowboarding without treating you like you've never seen snow. We'll review stopping, turning and learning to ride the Ponderosa chairlift to long gentle slopes; gaining control and confidence. The Next Step includes a 2-hour lesson, beginner lift ticket and rental equipment.

Lesson Times:

Weekday (non holiday): 10am - 12pm or 1pm - 3pm

Flight Plan (ages 11+)                $179 at the resort/$174 advanced online purchase
 ~2-day Consecutive First time packages with the option for the next step lesson on the second Day!

                                                                      (Select specific date for online purchase)
2-day Flight Plan SKI
2-day Flight Plan SNOWBOARD

SAVE $5 ONLINE   Must book online by 10pm the night prior to redemption.

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE . . . If you’re here for 2 consecutive days of skiing or riding then this is for you. The Flight Plan combines our First Timer and Next Step package into one. 2 consecutive days of beginner lift tickets, rentals, and lessons. Plus free overnight storage of your rental equipment.

Move Up the Mountain (ages 11+)     $229 at the Resort / $224 Advanced online purchase          
~Any 4 Days- Lift/lesson/rental package for 4 visits to use any time!
                                                                         (Select specific date for online purchase)
Move Up the Mountain SKI
Move Up the Mountain SNOWBOARD
SAVE $5 ONLINE    Must book online by 10pm the night prior to redemption.

The first three days limit you to the beginner lifts (include rentals and lessons). The fourth day provides you with a full mountain lift ticket (includes rental and lesson). Beginner lift tickets may be redeemed consecutively or individually. Full mountain lift ticket must be redeemed separately. Overnight storage included if tickets are redeemed consecutively.


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