Group Ski and Snowboard Lessons & Packages For Ages 11+

Let the Mt. Rose Ski and Snowboard School put more fun into your skiing and riding. Whether it is your first time or you need help ripping it up in The Chutes, our professional staff offers daily classes and private lessons for everyone at levels ranging from beginner to expert. Lessons and rentals can be purchased all in one stop on the lower level of the Main Lodge. After all…isn’t it all about having fun?

First Timer Package 
$97 at the resort/$92 advanced online purchase
First Time SKI
SAVE $5 ONLINE    Must book online by 10pm for the following day lessons

If you've never skied before but think it's time for you to get out on the slopes, this package is for you! Learn the basic skills to kickstart your passion for skiing or riding with dedicated and professional instructors. This package gives you all day rentals, a lift ticket for the lower mountain, and access to a two-hour lesson.

Lesson Times:

All Lessons Packages:
Morning 10am-12pm
Afternoon 1pm-3pm
Next Step Package
$107 at the resort/$102 advanced online purchase
Next Step SKI
SAVE $5 ONLINE    Must book online by 10pm for the following day lessons

This isn't your first rodeo, but maybe it's been a while since you were last on snow. The Next Step will refresh you on the basic skills of skiing and snowboarding without treating you like you've never seen snow. We'll review stopping, turning, and learning to ride the Ponderosa and Galena chairlifts to long gentle slopes; gaining control and confidence. The Next Step package includes a 2-hour lesson, beginner lift ticket, and rental equipment.

Lesson Times:
Morning 10am-12pm
Afternoon 1pm-3pm


Flight Plan (ages 11+)   
$179 at the resort/$174 advanced online purchase
2-Day Ski
2-Day Snowboard
SAVE $5 ONLINE   Must book online by 10pm for the following day's lessons

SAVE, SAVE, SAVE . . . If you’re here for 2 consecutive days of skiing or riding, then this is for you! The Flight Plan combines our First Timer and Next Step package into one great deal: 2 days of beginner lift tickets, rentals, and lessons; plus free overnight storage of your rental equipment!

Move Up the Mountain (ages 11+)         
$229 at the Resort / $224 Advanced online purchase

Any 4 Days- Lift/lesson/rental package to use any time!
Move Up the Mountain SKI
Move Up the Mountain SNOWBOARD
SAVE $5 ONLINE    Must book online by 10pm for the following day lessons

The first three days limit you to the beginner lifts (include rentals and lessons). The fourth day provides you with a full mountain lift ticket as well as all-day rental equipment and an intermediate lesson. Beginner lift tickets may be redeemed consecutively or individually. The full mountain lift ticket must be redeemed separately. Overnight storage is included if the tickets are redeemed consecutively.

  $39 Performance Workshops
2-hour intermediate or advanced group lessons

Ready for a new challenge? Add the intermediate or advanced lesson to your package for higher level training. Our Performance Workshops are here for you to improve your skills in the powder, crud, bumps, or steeps. Small classes are designed to challenge you to ski it all.

Group Lessons Times:
Morning 10am-12pm
Afternoon 1pm-3pm

*Does not include rental package or lift ticket*

Mt. Rose refers all adaptive lessons to Disabled Sports USA at 530-581-4161.







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            <td height="280"><p>The 2014/15 season has come to an end and Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe's 50th anniversary was filled with many great memories. From the opening day on Blazing Zephyr to our 50th Anniversary celebration fireworks to closing weekend passholder party &amp; BBQ there was always fun to be had at Mt. Rose. </p>
              <p>This summer we plan to make significant improvements to our snowmaking system to get you back on snow as soon as possible. Our scheduled opening day for next season is October 30th, which is just over 180 days away! </p>
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              <p>Opening weekend will be here before you know it, so get your pass now and be set to head straight to the slopes on that first day. Purchase before September 30th and save!</p>
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